The Raiders Junior Hockey Club is guided by Raider Alumni and consists of players from YOUR local community centre.


Brian Slobodesky         Gerard McDonald               Lorne”Ned”Sanders               Andy Williamson

Coach/Raider 1984        Coach/Raider 1977            Pres/GM Raider 1977             Coach/Raider 1988


Colton Kalinski              Mike Lazo                           Ryan Seekings                         Brett Martens

East Selkirk CC             Garden City CC                 Tyndall Park CC                        Maples CC


Jordan Lisowick           Cole Cassie                        Ryan Magalas                          Simon Miller

Red River CC                West Kildonan CC             Vince Leah CC                          Orioles CC

Mission Statement:
To provide an opportunity for young men, ages 17 to 21 living within the Raider Junior Hockey Club’s area (North Winnipeg/Selkirk), to play hockey at a competitive level.  As the MMJHL is predominantly a city league, it requires a minimal amount of travel, which allows players to advance their academic pursuits, or, enter into the work force without any disruption.

By providing a supportive environment for our young players over the past 35 years, we allow them to develop both personally, and competitively, as individuals within this community, as well as a valued part of this organization.

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